Federal Employees at Work

Federal workers perform their duties every single day, protecting our air and water; ensuring safe food, medicines and medical devices; guarding our borders; making sure our bank deposits are safe and investments are on a level playing field; and so much more. The 16-day government shutdown in October provided ample proof to families, businesses and communities throughout our nation of the important roles played by federal employees.

That message is at the heart of Public Service Announcements offered by federal workers from across the country and from a variety of agencies.

These PSAs, while important, are just part of the story of the federal workforce. There is another whole side.

A lot of people think only of Washington, D.C., when they hear the words ‘federal employees,’ and it is true that some 15 percent of the federal workforce lives and works in the Washington area. But that leaves another nearly 85 percent, living and working in cities and towns throughout the country. They are your friends and neighbors, and they play a vital role in your community.

While federal employees touch our lives in innumerable ways, sometimes these accomplishments go unnoticed. The goal of the PSAs is to shine a positive spotlight on federal employees, working seven-days a week, 24-hours a day for you.


Federal Employees...They Work for U.S.


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