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Survey Finds Parents Don’t Talk to Kids About These Great Career Opportunities

There are plenty of challenging and rewarding jobs in government service, but fewer than four in 10 parents—37 percent—have encouraged their children to consider a federal career, a survey taken for the nation’s largest independent union of federal employees shows.

The online survey of more than 1,000 adults with children between the ages of eight and 22, conducted for the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) by Ipsos Public Affairs, found only 8 percent of parents named the federal government as a place their children want to work and only 6 percent named the military.

With a federal retirement wave in the offing, the survey underscores the difficulty federal agencies likely will face in trying to attract a new generation of employees into government service.

“Parents have the most influence on the career choices of their children,” said NTEU President Colleen M. Kelley. “We need to get parents to talk to their kids about the interesting jobs in nearly every field that will be available in the future.”

As kids head back to school or off to college, NTEU’s new public service campaign presents a positive view of federal employment today and inspires the federal workers of tomorrow. More

New Campaign Promotes Talking To Kids About Federal Careers


The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) unveiled its latest public service campaign—including an effort to encourage parents to discuss potential federal careers with their children.

The nationwide campaign, which features a video of NTEU members discussing their career choices with their children, will use social media, blogs and broadcast interviews to get the word out to families about federal careers. At the same time, the campaign will highlight the dedication, skill and critical work of federal employees.

“Parents play a key role in the career choices their children make, yet most do not encourage their kids to explore federal service,” said NTEU President Colleen M. Kelley. “We want to get the message out that the federal workplace offers tremendous opportunity to perform fascinating and vital work that impacts every American in important ways.”

The potential problem for federal agencies is real, she said. A survey for NTEU by Ipsos Public Affairs of more than 1,000 adults with children between the ages of 8 and 22 showed that only 37 percent of parents had ever discussed a possible federal career with their child. At the same time, about 31 percent of the federal government—about 600,000 current employees—will be eligible to retire by 2017.

Even with the growing opportunities available in the federal government, parents report that only 8 percent of children want to work for the federal government and only 6 percent are considering a career in the military.

Federal work, President Kelley emphasized, impacts the nation significantly, including protecting the borders; safeguarding the nation’s food supply and medicines; keeping bank deposits safe; ensuring the quality of air and water, preserving our national heritage; protecting public health; and much more. More


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PSA Featured in Times Square


NTEU PSA in Times Square

NTEU believes federal employee accomplishments should be celebrated in a big way, and it doesn't get any bigger than New York City's Times Square. The union's public service announcement, "We Protect," was featured earlier this year on a Jumbotron in one of the highest-trafficked places in the world.

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